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Citizenship By Investment in Malta – Individual Investor Program

Malta Citizenship By Investment

The Malta IIP is aimed at ultra-high net worth individuals and families worldwide. It offers citizenship in a EU Member State that is stable, neutral and highly respected, an efficient application process, and the world’s strictest due diligence standards and vetting of applicants, thus ensuring only highly respectable clients will be admitted.


EU citizenship gives the right of establishment in all 28 EU countries.

Citizenship is granted to suitable individuals and families who hold resident status in Malta for a period of twelve months immediately preceding the day of issuing of the certificate of naturalization and who qualify under the very strict due diligence regime. All individuals and families applying to the Malta Individual Investor Programme must make a significant contribution to the National Development and Social Fund established by the Government. The minimum contribution levels that must be met in the initial phase of the program have been set as follows:

  • Contribution to National Development and Social Fund of EUR 650,000 for the main applicant
  • Contribution for spouse and minor children: EUR 25,000 each
  • Contribution for dependent children 18 to 26 years or dependent parents above 55 years: EUR 50,000 each

Furthermore, Due Diligence fees apply, and these have been set at the following levels: For the main applicant: EUR 7,500; for spouses, adult children and parents: EUR 5,000; for children between 13 and 18 years of age: EUR 3,000 each.

The applicant must commit to retaining a residence in Malta for a period of at least 5 years, either through the purchase of a property, for which the minimum value must exceed EUR 350,000 or through leasing of a property, for which the minimum annual rent must exceed EUR 16,000.

In addition, an investment of EUR 150,000 in Government approved financial instruments, which must be maintained for a minimum period of 5 years is required.

When you acquire citizenship under the Malta Individual Investor Programme, you and your family enjoy full citizenship for life, which can be passed on to future generations by descent.


Maltese citizenship costs

A non-refundable contribution to the National Development and Social Fund€ 650,000 for the main applicant
€ 25,000 for spouse/children younger than 18 years of age (payment applies to each)
€ 50,000 for adult children 18-26 years of age, parents above 55 years of age (payment applies to each)
Due Diligence check citizenship By Investment in Malta€ 7,500 for the main applicant
€ 5,000 for a spouse, children 18-26 years of age, parents above 55 years of age
€ 5,000 for minor children (13+ years of age)
Buying or renting a property in Malta
(can be sold in 5 years)
€ 16,000 per annum for rental
€ 350,000 for purchase
An investment in government bonds
(can be sold in 5 years)
€ 150,000 for investing in bonds
Biometric passports€ 500 per each applicant
Bank charges€ 200 (depending on the number of applicants)
Administrative fee€ 50,000 for the main applicant
€ 10,000 for a spouse
€ 5,000 for children under 26 years of age and parents above 55 years of age

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