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cyprus-Residency-bannerCYPRUS Immigration Permit – Costs

  1. Cost Structure

  • Entry VISA
    • The applicant may need a visa to enter Cyprus for the inspection trip or to record
    • their biometric data. The applicant can choose to apply for a business/travel
    • visa or a multiple entry Schengen visa to enter Cyprus.
    • The investment amount will be no less than €300,000.
    • The example for the attorney and the immigration costs will be given based
    • on a family with one minor child.
  1. Real Estate Investment

    • €300,000
    • VAT: 5% – 19%
    • Note: Upon purchase of the first residential property the applicant is tax liable for 5% on the first 200sqm however if the applicant purchases a bigger property then the applicant will pay 19% on the remaining space per square meter.
    • If the applicant purchases multiple properties, if the first property is less than 200sqm the applicant will only be liable for 5% VAT, on 2nd or 3rd properties the VAT will be taxed at 19% VAT.
    • Example: a piece of real estate, worth €300,000 (market price), under 200 square meters, the total amount of VAT (5%) will be € 15,000.
  • Stamp duty :
    • 0.15% to 0.20% of the purchase price for the real estate
  • Registration fees to local authority:
    • € 50.00 per property
  • Other Applicable Costs:
    • € 100 approximately
  1. Attorney & Immigration Costs

    • Attorney costs:
      • 1% of the Purchase Price of the real estate + 19% VAT of said costs
    • Immigration costs:
      • Application for Immigration Permit: € 500 per family (applicant + Spouse + Minor),
        • € 500 more per additional dependents
    • Alien registration certificate: € 70 per applicant
    • Health Insurance: € 170 per applicant (depending on the insurance policies)
    • Fixed Deposit: € 30,000, pledged for a minimum of three years

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