CYPRUS Immigration Permit – Policy

  1. Introduction

  • According to article 6 (2) of the new immigration regulations issued by the Ministry of Interior in March, 2016, the applicant has to purchase residential property worth a minimum of €300,000 and fulfill other investment requirements.
    • The main applicant and,
      • Spouse
      • Minor children under 18
      • Adult children under 25 (dependent on parents, enrolled in a higher education institution.
    • Parents of main applicant
      • The parents of the main applicant’s spouse
  • Following the requirements above will ensure that all dependents above will receive permanent residence.
  1. Investment Option

  • The applicant must have in his/her possession a residence in Cyprus,
    • Conditions for the residence:C
      • Worth (total market value) no less than € 300,000 (excluding VAT)
      • The property investment must not be a second-hand property
  1. Conditions

  • In addition to the investment option, the main applicant must fulfill the following conditions:
    • Above 18 years of age
    • Non-EU citizen
    • Clean Criminal Record
    • Proof of €30,000 Annual Income in addition to (€5,000 for each additional child and €8,000 for each additional parent or in-law)
    • €30,000 Deposit for three years
    • Not intending to undertake any kind of employment
  • Requirements of Family Members
    • The family members who apply for the permanent residence must fulfill the following requirements:
      • Non-EU citizen
      • Clean Criminal Record
      • Not intending to undertake any kind of employment
  1. Benefits & Returns

  • Safe and stable conditions of Cyprus: highly specialized pool of human capital, reliable legislative and regulatory framework, stable and beneficial tax system;
  • No living requirements: the applicant just needs to visit Cyprus every two years to maintain the validity of the Immigration Residence Permit;
  • Low tax rate and free trade within European Union;
  • Strategic location: an active transshipment center and attractive business hub; easy access to new markets
  • Beautiful living environment: 340 days of sunshine a year;

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