FAQs for Residence Permit for United Kingdom

FAQs for Residence Permit for United Kingdom

FAQs for Residence Permit in the United Kingdom – Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

  • As a sole representative of an overseas business, you are eligible for a residency permit to the United Kingdom, which allows you to eventually receive permanent residency.
  • The Overseas Representative Business Visa is intended for individuals who are sole representatives of an overseas company planning to set up a UK branch or a wholly-owned subsidiary for an overseas parent company.
  • The UK’s immigration policy offers investors from third countries the most favorable conditions for receiving a residency permit, followed by permanent residency after 5 years.

Permanent Residence In UK Tier1 Investor Visa Conditions

What are the Advantages of the Sole Representative Business Visa?

  • The possibility of permanent residence in the UK
    • You and your family members (unmarried civil partners also) will have the right to live in the UK, do business, work, study, and enjoy all the other rights of UK residents.
  • Small initial investment
    • Compared with the Investor Visa entry threshold for obtaining a visa, the overseas representative visa requirement is significantly smaller, which makes obtaining this visa the most affordable way of immigration to the UK
  • Receive permanent residency and even citizenship in the future
    • Investors and their family members can receive permanent residency in the UK already after only 5 years, and then claim citizenship only 3 years after receiving permanent residency.
  • The most affordable way to legal immigration in the UK, followed by obtaining permanent residence and citizenship
    • The Sole Representative Business Visa is available to
      • the main investor
      • spouse
      • minor children

Note: The visa is initially issued for three years with the following extension for two years.

PR In UK Tier1 Investor Visa How to Apply for Citizenship 1

What are the Conditions for receiving a Sole Representative Business Visa?

  • Establish the first commercial presence in the UK of a company, which operates outside the UK
  • Set up a UK branch or a wholly-owned subsidiary for an overseas parent company
  • Apply from outside the EEA and meet the English requirement
  • Have enough money to support yourself and your family without help from public funds
  • The application process takes 3 months. The final price is calculated on an individual basis!

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