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UAE Green Visas announced by Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP)

  • The UAE offers a residency program, primarily for investors and entrepreneurs, that requires a financial contribution of between 1,000,000 (one) and 2,000,000 (two million) AED.
  • However, those with exceptional talents, such as scientists and professionals, do not need to provide money and are thus not eligible under this program.
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented various incentive programs such as
    • The Green Visa,
    • The Job Exploration Visa,
    • The Golden Visa, and
    • facilitated the renewal process for residency to draw in foreign investors and professionals.
  • The ICP declared that the Advanced Visa System, which was designed to streamline the visa process, is now available for use. This new system is intended to make it easier for people to apply for visas, as well as to promote smoother immigration procedures.
  • The UAE Green Visa Program is an initiative that allows certain individuals to obtain a visa to stay in the UAE for a specified period of time. The program is designed to attract foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals to the country, and to support the development of the UAE’s green economy.
  • Eligible individuals must meet certain criteria in order to receive a Green Visa, which grants them the right to stay in the UAE for up to three years.
Residency for UAE By Business Incorporation - Advantages of UAE Residency
Residency for UAE By Business Incorporation – Advantages of UAE Residency

What is the UAE Green Visa & the criteria to get one?

  • The UAE Green Visa is a type of residence permit that can be renewed every 5 (five) years.
  • This visa allows a person to become their own sponsor and not require the assistance of an employer in the UAE to apply.
  • Additionally, there is a six-month grace period after the visa expires, allowing the holder to remain in the country.
  • The Green Visa provides a convenient way for the main applicant to obtain residency rights for their relatives in a timely manner.
Sheikh-Zayed-Grand Mosque-Abu-Dhabi
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

Who can benefit from the UAE Green Visa?

  • There are three groups of individuals who can benefit from the UAE Green Visa:
    • Self-Sponsored Applicants:
      • those who are eligible for the program. These individuals can enjoy the advantages of the visa, including a faster visa processing time and longer validity duration.
    • Freelancers:
      • They are people who work independently and are not employed by an employer on a permanent basis.
      • They may work on short-term contracts or projects for a variety of clients.
      • They generally have more flexibility and control over the types of work they do, the hours they work, and the clients they work with.
    • Skilled Workers:
      • Investors and partners are people who provide financial support and resources to help a business or project succeed.
      • They may invest money, offer advice, or provide other types of assistance.
Hotel Burj – Dubai

Who can benefit from the UAE Job Exploration Visa?

  • UAE Job Exploration Visa is a visa that allows foreigners to visit the United Arab Emirates for a period of up to three months in order to explore job opportunities and explore the country.
  • It is designed to help individuals find employment in the UAE.
  • The visa application process requires applicants to provide personal information, educational qualifications, and work experience.
  • The visa also requires applicants to provide proof of sufficient funds to cover their living expenses while in the UAE.
  • This visa allows people who are interested in investing or finding employment in the United Arab Emirates to stay in the country without needing a sponsor from the Emirates.
  • They can stay in the country to search for a job or an investment opportunity.

Who can benefit from UAE Golden Visa?

  • The UAE Golden Visa is a type of residency permit that grants certain privileges to foreign nationals.
  • The Golden Visa Program is a way for investors to gain residency in the UAE through investing in the country.
  • It offers a range of benefits, such as no longer being restricted to a certain length of stay in the country and no limit on the number of domestic staff you are allowed to employ.
  • Additionally, family members of the primary applicant can remain in the country even after the death of the principal applicant, until the visa expires.

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