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  • A comfortable lifestyle, a stable economy, favorable conditions for doing business, a high standard of healthcare and education – all these are factors that lead people to decide to move to the US.
  • US immigration law offers several programs for business people and investors, which allow you to obtain the right to reside in the United States. However, not every program allows you to receive a Green Card (US permanent residency). Our immigration experts at Discus Holdings can help you understand US law and choose the best way to immigrate to the US.

WHAT DOES US RESIDENCY GIVE business people, investors, and their family MEMBERS? (Advantages)

  • Live in the USA
    • You will have a chance to live there year-round, work, do business, study, and enjoy all the other advantages of being a legal resident
  • Your entire family gets residency at once
    • A residency permit is granted at the same time to both the main investor and members of his/her family, including dependent children up to the age of 21
  • Combine immigration programs
    • You can use a simpler program to initially immigrate and then switch to a permanent resident status
  • Receive a permanent Green Card and US citizenship
    • Investment immigration programs give you the ability to receive a permanent residency permit (Green Card) in a short time and later become a US citizen

The best chance to live the American dream!

Note: THE BEST PROGRAMS FOR IMMIGRATION TO THE US for investors, business people, and their family members are


  • the fastest way to receive a Green Card
  • returnable investments in an amount of at least $900,000
  • invest in your own business or a Regional Center project
  • over 85% of applications are approved
  • no education or experience requirements for the applicant
  • This immigration visa for the United States is issued on the basis of investment in developing your own company or one of the major projects of a Regional Center.
USA Residency By EB-5 - Green Card for Investors
USA Residency By EB-5 – Green Card for Investors

What are the Main advantages for USA RESIDENCY BY EB-5?

  • Receive an immigration visa (Green Card) for two years, then obtain permanent residency and subsequently US citizenship (this process takes 5–6 years)
  • The biggest chance of a positive decision (over 85% of applications are approved, and when projects from our partner Regional Centers are used, this increases to 95% of applications approved)
  • No requirements for the applicant beyond funds to invest and proof they were obtained lawfully
  • Members of the applicant’s family (spouse and children up to the age of 21) also receive a Green Card

What are the Basic requirements for USA RESIDENCY BY EB-5?

  • An investment of $900,000 or $1,800,000
  • Proof that the funds used for investment were lawfully obtained
  • A business plan to create at least 10 jobs over 2.5 years following the submission of your applicant
  • The most profitable investments are those made into projects of Regional Centers approved under the legislation.
USA Residency By EB-5 E-2 L-1 - How Can We Help to Get
USA Residency By EB-5 E-2 L-1 – How Can We Help to Get

HOW CAN Corneredge HELP YOU receive a US visa or Green Card?

  • We help you choose the best option for receiving a visa or Green Card
  • We help prepare your documents and accompany you during your visit to US immigration authorities
  • We can propose alternative solutions in the event of a refusal
  • We offer commercial support for transactions and investments

Do you want to live in the USA?

  • Contact us for a Free Evaluation & Consultation to discuss detailed Application, Procedure, Documentation and Cost Estimate.
  • Call us on +91 8850318060
  • Obtain residency or citizenship in as little as 60-120 days**
  • Please send us an email: for a free brochure.
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