FAQs for Malta Citizenship By Investment Program

Malta Citizenship by Investment Program (MCBIP)

FAQ’s for Malta Citizenship-By-Investment Program

  • Everything you need to know about the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program (MCBI) – (MIIP – Malta Individual Investment program).
  • If you have any questions about the Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP), then get in touch with us.

#Q1. What is the time frame of the MCBIP?

  • In order to satisfy the one-year residency requirement, applicants who are not already residents in Malta are advised to start the process of residency.
  • A residency card will be issued through a fast-track process taking 1-3 weeks.
  • All supporting documents and application files will also be prepared at this stage and signed before a Maltese Consul.

#Q2. How are the applications for Maltese citizenship on investment processed?

  • We will formally submit the application to Identity Malta. Within 4 months, Identity Malta will tackle the reviewing of the application, the sourcing of funds, and carry out all background checks required.
  • Identity Malta will also apply risk weighting and approve or reject the application.

#Q3. What is the compliance time for the MIIP?

  • Once principal approval is given, the applicant is given 4 months to comply with the obligations undertaken under the MIIP.
  • The applicant must purchase or rent property in Malta, invest €150K in Government Bonds, and submit health cover.
  • Once an Oath of Allegiance has been taken and the 1-year residency requirement has been fulfilled a certificate of naturalization and a passport will be issued.
Malta Banner
Malta Banner

#Q4. What are the benefits of the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program?

  • Many are the advantages of obtaining a second Maltese passport:
    • MIIP is for life
    • Fast Process of just 4 Months
    • Visa-free travel to 168 destinations, including the US, Canada, and the UK
    • Top-rated, free healthcare & University 

#Q5. Is Malta one of the Easiest European countries to get Citizenship-By-Investment?

  • Many people are wondering which European country is easy to get citizenship. Malta is one with the fastest process to get citizenship among the other European countries.
  • Indeed, the process to acquire citizenship by investment is quick and efficient: Maltese citizenship is approved after only 4 months of processing time, and it takes no more than 1 year for the passport to be issued.
  • And not only is Malta one of the easiest European countries to get citizenship, but it is also one of the safest, most stable countries to live in, enjoying a European quality of life, free health care, and an excellent, free education system.

#Q6. How to get citizenship in European countries?

  • Different Citizenship by Investment Programmes follows different rules.
  • However, if you are looking into getting citizenship in a European country, Malta can be a good option for you.
  • It is indeed one of the most well-known programs due to the truly quick and efficient process to acquire a Maltese passport, and the many advantages connected to it
  • All you need to get your Maltese passport through the MIIP – Malta Individual Investment Programme is:
    • Clean Criminal Conduct
    • Be In Good Health
    • Make a Non-Refundable Contribution of 650.000 euro to the Government Fund
    • Invest €150,000 in Government Bonds for 5 years
    • Invest €150,000 in Government Bonds for 5 years
    • Invest in a property in Malta for a minimum of 350.000 euro for 5 years, or a rental of the property for a minimum of 16.000 euro for 5 years
      – Have a genuine link with Malta for 1 year.

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